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Partner Training & Certification


K2 Partner Training Policy

K2 University: 

K2 training can be accessed by users with active training subscirptions at K2 University. The refreshed training content library will include the persona-based classes such as K2 Power User and K2 Citizen Developer, as well as K2 Five, K2 Cloud and blackpearl product-based classes. Users with active portal account can sign into the site using SSO if they have a valid learning subscription. VAR and Referral partners will be provided up to five (5) complimentary standard K2 training subscriptions per year. Additional complimentary subscriptions may be given out at the discretion of K2 based on partner performance, and all subscriptions will be on a named license basis. If an employee leaves mid-subscription, the subscription is ended. A replacement employee will not be accepted until the one (1) year period concludes. At the conclusion of the subscription, the same employee may be renewed for another year, or the subscription may be transferred to a new user. All partner users registered for a subscription will receive one complimentary certification exam per year. Additional exams can be purchased at a rate of one credit per exam per attempt.

Training Subscriptions:

Standard Subscription: Annual subscription to K2 University, an online training library.  Access per named user for all training and expert content libraries for 12 months from the date of purchase. Delivery is governed by the K2 Virtual Services Policies. Referral and VAR partners will receive five of these subscriptions per year. 

Managed Subscription: Annual subscription to K2 University, an online training library.  Access per named user for all training and expert content libraries for 12 months from the date of purchase. Includes single Manager access to all learner progress within the organization and leaderboard access for all learner within the organization. Manager access means that one user within the organization can have insight into their team’s learning progress and activity.  A leaderboard can also be enabled upon request for healthy competition within the organization. Delivery is governed by the K2 Virtual Services Policies.

A-la-carte:  Purchase one digital training class for 90 days of access (new persona or legacy content). The cost is 2 credits per class. 

Virtual Machines:

Some exercises will require a K2 instance for the hands-on portion of training. K2 will no longer provide free Cloud VMs for training use. Cloud images can be purchased from K2 by contacting your partner account manager. Instead, partner users can choose one of the following alternatives:

• Option 1 –  Use their own environment or Cloud instance (all training exercises can be performed on the customer’s own non-prod environment). 

• Option 2 – Rent a hosted VM with K2 Software from K2(1 credit for a 2 week rental).

• Option 3 – Download an image to run in their own environment from the Partner Tools section of Partner Central. 


How do I register for my partner training ?

Requests to use one of your free subscriptions can be done by emailing K2PartnerProgram@k2.com with your name and corporate email address. We recommend prospective users check in with their manager before consuming one of their five complimentary subscriptions. Login information will be sent to each user as they are registered. After a partner has used all their complimentary subscriptions, requests for additional training or certification can be made by submitting a remote service request here. Additional courses will cost 2 credits per course, additional certification will cost 1 credit.

How do I request a Virtual Machine?

Virtual machines can be obtained by submitting a remote services request. The cost is 1 credit for a 2 week rental.

Where can I purchase additional service credits?

Additional service credits can be purchased by contacting your Partner Account Manager, or from the K2 Store if paying by credit card.

If you have any questions, please recah out to K2PartnerProgram@k2.com


The K2 Partner Team